1. Kavita Rabari: Coordinating inventory policies for deteriorating items (2019)

2. Milan Patel: Study of inventory models under fuzzy and cloud fuzzy environment (2019)

3. Nisha Sheron: Mathematical models of co-infectious diseases (2019)

4. Pratik Shah: Optimal inventory decisions under different marketing scenarios (2019)

5. Anupam Priamvada: Data Mining Algorithms in Satellite Meteorology (2021) 

6. Gyoti Chahal: Mathematical Modelling for Cloud Processes (2021)

7. Jalpa Vaghela: Mathematical Models of Sextually Transmitted Diseases (2021)

8. Kapil Chaudhary: Fractional-order  models for Infectious Diseases (2021)

9. Naisargi Prajapati: Study of Sustainable Inventory Models (2022)

M. Phil. Scholar

1. Moksha Satia: Mathematical Models to Study Ecotoxicity (2017)

2. Ekta Patel: Finite Element Method for solving Elliptical Partial differential Equations (2019)



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